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Callsign: ON5RZ/p
Outside broadcaster for 99% of the time, by all means possible.
Name: Raf
Born: 1976
Town: Antwerpen
Country: BELGIUM

Current activity :

Grid (home): JO21ed
ITU Zone: 27 CQ WAZ Zone: 14
Former: ON3RZ('06)
Email: ON five romeo zoeloe @jattebra.be
Home-buro: UBA/OSA
Home Page: http://www.jattebra.be/on5rz
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Used equipment on a trip or just for fun

Former activities :

Bicycle trip : 142 days trough USA & Canada. (with Yaesu 817 ;-)
April 27th. till September 13th. : W/ON5RZ/p and VE/ON5RZ/p
More information on http://on5rz.blogspot.com
or Twitter on http://twitter.com/rafvz

UBA SSB contest 2011 + 2012
January 29-30th. : SI9AM in team with Fons, ON4AWT and Dirk, ON7DS

Holiday bicycle 2010
June 17th. till Juli 23th. : LA/ON5RZ SM/ON5RZ

Holiday bicycle 2009
June 14th. till July 16th. : LA/ON5RZ SM/ON5RZ OH/ON5RZ
August 30 till September 03 : DL/ON5RZ

Holiday bicycle 2008
Januari 25th till February 1st : ON5RZ/p LU QRP JO20sg
June 20th. till July 7th. : LA/ON5RZ EU-055+..
July 7th. till July 21th. : SMx/ON5RZ

Holiday bicycle 2007
June 9th. till July 11th. : SMx/ OH0/ON5RZ
August 25th. till September 9th. : F/ON5RZ
December 19th. till December 26th. : SM5/ON5RZ QTH JO89ni

On this link you'll find some pictures of former trips into 'nice' weather condix.

use it or loose it

Logbook @time
Logbook @call

This is the link for my APRS aplication on my smartphone

Photosoup of summer 2007 in Sweden and EU-002

Hej då och 73's -9-1-1

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