Some pictures of my biketrip into Sweden and Åland in the summer of 2007

Some place well hidden away in Åby Sluss - Växjö.

A VERY ancient nature Camping place (deserted since the '60s.. near Åtvidaberg.

A dull campingplace with good showers in Sjöberga.

Some ham on that same campingplace.

A washingline into the nextby tree.

My livingroom after some lazy qrp-contacts.

The evening dinner - not on the BBQ.that's my rig - and some trees.

Log from blammo.

Like the last two foto's near Akers Stuckerbruk / Strängnäs - longwire into3.

On EU-002 Åland from Bomarsund beach ;-)

Someone left his bike over here.

Good conditions on 10 mtr. time to stop ... and build this GP-antenna..

A nearby watchtower near Geta Bergen and some time on my hands - let's build a full-size 40 meter antenna..

Some antenna's VERY nearby I wished to use but no-one that knew the owner..

Again the same most probably contest antennes with some DX-biker spoiling the shot ;-} !

Being shot at by someone and this is the result..

I tried to moonbounce but I didn't succeed.. donnow why..

Nightfall on Degersand beach near Eckerö, still on Åland

On top of the world or at least Knytberget very close to Leksand / Rattvik.
A enormous amount of flies tried to sting me but I had taken countermeasures..a very high V/m ahum..

As a storm approached, I had to stay and camp on this moutain, broke my second tentpole.
Ever tried to set up a tent on rocks ?

A very nice shack North of Uddevalla

Time to do some warming up of my finals..

MAking it cozy in the shack aka changing room

Sitting on a garden-bench on the rear deck of a containervessel leaving the port of Göteborg direction Gent and doing some VHF work, always fun at sea, good propagation during PA-contest when I croozed next to PA-land..

That's all for this in winter..