Some antenna's VERY nearby I wished to use but no-one that knew the owner.

Next to an ancient railtrack (Rallarvegen) into the mountains between Bergen and Oslo.

Bromma airfield, just use the stairs to jump of the plane.

The Swedish polarcircle near Pello (FIN)

Jonkoping and lake Vättern

My house on Lofoten Island at the beach of the Norwegian Sea.

Raining cats and dogs on Lofoten.

The bicycle center of Sweden : Motala (Vätternrundan).

One of the nicest places in Europe, great beaches. (European North Cape)

The bridge of Örnsköldsvik, not just another bridge

The polarcircle in Rovaniemi-santa-claus-village-commerce-over-the-top.

Just another stone in the Swedish landscape and a Tom Boonen T-shirted cyclist..

Driving out of the Torline-containervessel in Porsgrunn.

Nice dipole direction Antwerp-city frm the Lofoten.

Fluoman near Narvik.